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Haters gonna hate, but the thing is I liked The Last Jedi—even more than some others such as (shock, gasp, horror) The Return of the Jedi. 😱

But it felt small…half of it takes place in outer space or on a small island.

All I want from The Rise of Skywalker is a feeling of BIG BIG BIG.

#scifi #movies

Jared White

What on Earth 1 (or any other Earth in the multiverse) does essentialism have anything to do with Captain Cold, Wabi-Sabi, or Blade Runner 2049? Let’s find out in today’s Essentialism Challenge!

Season 2, Episode 7

Essential Life with Jared is a vlog series all about Portland, the Pacific Northwest, and the philosophy of essentialism. It’s about finding your own way and never walking somebody else’s path. It’s about living a life that’s most meaningful to you.

  • Thanks to Epidemic Sound for the background music.
  • Video clip of The Flash courtesy of The CW
  • Video clip of Blade Runner 2049 courtesy of Sony
  • Video clip of Wabi-Sabi courtesy of…

#vlog #scifi #lifehacks #comedy

Jared White

Now I know why The Martian movie was made. I finally got around to reading the original book, and holy cow is this a fun read. Not to mention very cinematic (almost like reading a screenplay). Can’t wait to watch the movie once again! #movies #scifi

Jared White

Rewatched Blade Runner 2049 again last night…I hadn’t seen it since my first viewing in the theater (which was quite the experience). Good God I love this movie. As expected I picked up on a number of things during this subsequent viewing I hadn’t before. Of most interest to me are the biblical themes…for example, Officer K at the end is a type of Jesus figure. I’ll have to write more in a spoiler review some time! (Also, I enjoyed the movie soundtrack even more this time around…so-o-o good.) #scifi #movies

Jared White

Stan Lee has died today. 95 years old. I never got into comic books at a kid, and for whatever reason, I’m still not a consumer of that medium—however, I’m absolutely hooked on comic book-based movies and TV shows. I love all the MCU movies, especially over the last four years. I love the Marvel shows on Netflix. I love Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (I also love all the “Arrowverse” DC-based shows on The CW.) So the news of Stan’s passing hits me hard. What an incredible legacy of storytelling he leaves with us. #scifi #movies #tvshows

Jared White

I’m still processing how I feel about the adrenaline-infused spectacle that is Avengers: Infinity War. Without giving away any spoilers, the film starts off at 100 MPH and barely lets up the gas over the next 2 hours and 36 minutes. Now this isn’t all that shocking given the way action movies get made these days, but in this case it really does feel quite intense. I think it’s because this truly is the culmination of 10 years of Marvel films. We’ve grown to love these characters who have been presented and developed in so many interesting and creative ways throughout the 18 stories that preceded Infinity War. Seeing what they go through in this massive film and what they’re up against in Thanos, a villain of surprising nuance and emotional depth, is the ride of a lifetime.

While I am a huge Star Wars fan through and through, I must admit that, as a millennial, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is today’s top-tier franchise that I’ve most bonded with. Star Wars is awesome but it’s a story that came out of my parents’ generation. The MCU is my story. (Yes, I know most of the actual characters and some of the plot lines are from comic books that originated decades ago. But to me, having never read the comics, everything feels new and fresh.)

I’ll just say one more thing about the movie (which isn’t a spoiler, I promise): I was so happy with what they did with Doctor Strange in this story. Not only did he get a fair amount of screen time, he played a pivotal role on several occasions in progressing the plot forward. Benedict Cumberbatch is in top form (when is he ever not?!), and since Doctor Strange is my favorite character in the MCU (and his origin story film one of my favorite movies of all time), I was quite pleased about this.

If you haven’t seen Avengers: Infinity War yet, what are you waiting for? Go! Go now! It’s an historical event in film history we’re all going to be talking about for a long time to come. #movies #scifi

Jared White

Finally made it out to the theater to see Ready Player One. Such a marvelous heartfelt celebration of video game culture and sci-fi fanboyism. Plus it’s that Spielberg magic we all know and love back in top form. A must see! #movies

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