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Expressively publishing on the open web since 1996.
Entranced by Portland, Oregon since 2017.


Just a smattering of the endeavors I have going on at any given moment (besides what's obviously available on this website). Welcome to the Jaredverse!


A Webpack-aware, Ruby-powered static site generator for the modern Jamstack era. In fact, you’re looking at a site built with this awesome framework right now! 😊

Built upon proven open source technology, Bridgetown is a fast, scalable, modular, and thoroughly forward-looking framework for building websites and frontend applications. My web studio Whitefusion is “all in” for Bridgetown in 2021 and has big plans to make it not just a great Ruby-powered site generator by itself, but a central part of the Dreamstack to rival major competitors. This our chance as Rubyists to define the next ten years of building digital experiences and publications.

I’m on the Bridgetown core team, so if you decide to try it out please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.



Since I first got my start building websites in the 90s, I’ve seen entire subindustries of the web come and go. One day it’s J2EE, another day it’s Gatsby. There’s always somebody promoting flashy yet overengineered technology that’s so complicated it requires a slew of consultants ready to “fix” all the problems that inevitably arise.

Thankfully, I’m not the only one decrying the complexity of the modern web. Cooler heads are prevailing, praise be to Berners-Lee.

I’m a champion of the underdog: the solo dev, the small tight-knit team. I’m with the people who believe you can build great things with simple, easy-to-understand tools and a commitment to the greatest invention in the history of mankind: the open web.

Whitefusion. Of the web, for the web, since 1997. And now here for you.



My alter ego as a producer of synthwave, chillout, and thematic electronica. Yarred was a lover of 80’s classic synthpop & electronic music long before it was cool. Nice to see the world catching up. 😎

As a modern purveyor of retro-flavored electronica, Yarred combines cutting-edge modern groove production with classic keyboard playing on analog and digital synthesizers.

Don’t miss listening to Multnomah, the follow-up sequel album to Redwood Coast, which doubles down even more on Yarred’s powerful signature sound. And be sure to check out Unbroken Spirit, Yarred’s latest release in collaboration with world-renowned synthesist and space musician Paul Ellis.


Photography on Glass

For a long time, I’d been down in the dumps about the state of publishing and sharing photographic content online. Because of the horrorscape that is Facebook Meta and its increasingly wretched Instagram product, I’d tried various other services including Flickr and Tumblr, but nothing really clicked for me.

Then along came Glass, a brand-new “indie” photo network for iOS and now the web. While it’s early days yet for the platform, I feel like it’s really coming into its own now, and I’m excited to start posting there more frequently. And most importantly, I finally feel inspired to take more photos. That alone is a good thing!