Jared White
Writer. Musician. Open Web Advocate. Programmer. Designer. Sci-Fi Nerd. Family Man.

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The Jared White Show

A curated celebration of the artform that is the web. A weekly perspective on how individuals have the power to spark open and free communication and innovation online. Hosted by Jared White.

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The Jared White Show

Always in Haste, Never in a Hurry

A man of rituals (but not the kind that involve funny hats and long robes), Jared in this episode talks about identifying and honoring daily routines that make us happy, how to create digital experiences that are ethical and respect users, minimalism, freedom from slavery, and the opposite of that—aka Jeff Sessions’ un-Christian separation of children from their familes. Just another day on The Jared White Show!

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The Jared White Show

WWDC What Apple Did

In this episode, it’s all Apple all the time! Its big annual developer conference, WWDC 2018, just kicked off and we get to talk about all the goodies and exciting announcements from Apple and third party app creators around the world. Join me as we dive into yesterday’s keynote and discover what’s new for iOS, macOS, and all the rest.

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