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Fresh Fusion Episode 74

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Fresh Fusion

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Apples latest and greatest M1-powered MacBooks (MaxBooks?) are here, and Jared wonders if theres anything left for Mac nerds to be upset about when it seems like Apple has fulfilled all their wishes. (For a hefty price of course!) Plus a special rundown of all of Jareds favorite podcasts he frequently listens to and why theyre worthy of your attention. Hmm, sounds like地 Fresh Fusion Reaction!


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Fresh Fusion

A weekly show where we discuss the business, the art, the ethics of content creation on the open web. Hosted by Jared White.

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Who Gives a Toot?

You wont want to miss this episode wherein I pull back the curtain into major new developments for the future of this show, follow up on my 2019 social media predictions and compare with how current events are playing out, share specific thoughts on how to think about Mastodon instances and the health of the network, and challenge the veracity of the claim that Americans are growing more and more lonely. Its an action-packed episode, so lets get started!

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Heat Death of the Social Media Universe

In this episode of Fresh Fusion, I share some of my raw and unfiltered feelings about the meltdown of Twitter, how theres never been a time like right now to focus squarely on the business, the art, the ethics of content creation on the open web (which is the tagline of this show!), my minimalism bent and desire for a Star Trek-like post-money future, reluctantly taking steps to build a paywall to house some of my content, and more. Buckle up folks and enjoy the ride!

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Midnight in Portland

Alternate title: How to Be Productive and Successful as a Content Creator. (Yeah, I know夷t's cringey在ut I have a bunch of pent-up thoughts and some helpful tools/workflows to share with you all and figured now is as good a time as any to dive into all that. Also feeling all the feelz after a tweet actually went viral. Imagine that!)

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Living in Portland 2.0

Could it be? Maybe? Yes! Fresh Fusion is BACK, and in this episode I catch you up on the last couple of months as I recovered from Covid and moved across town to a new home! And not just Fresh Fusion, but the vlog (Essential Life with Jared) is also in the process of making a comeback. Listen for the inside scoop.

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In this possibly final episode of the show, I candidly share my struggles with creative identity and finding success in the "wrong" genre. I contemplate whether I should cancel Fresh Fusion and put greater effort behind other projects. And I wonder what makes sense as a creator in a year when I expect to be on the road more often than not. Should I stay or should I go?

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Twitter vs. Meta (A Tale of Two Social Networks)

My kids are obsessed with "Squid Game" even though they've (obviously!) never seen the show. "You" has taken over Netflix Top 10. Twitter vs. Meta: I'm amazed at the shockingly different trajectory these two companies are taking. The social media landscape is fracturing and it's no longer Facebook/Twitter as a monolithic duo. Let's do a deep dive into just how much Twitter has grown and changed since Jack Dorsey become CEO. Episode 75here we go!

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