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Fresh Fusion Episode 58

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Do you ever find yourself watching a video on YouTube from your favorite creator, only to find that—as the video plays—it slowly dawns on you that the whole story arc of the video was simply a pretense for a sponsored product promotion? Sucks right? Because as a content creator, if you lose the trust of your audience, what do you have? Nothing. Let’s talk about that. Also: I only use Rollings Reliable Baking Powder. 😜

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Fresh Fusion

A weekly show where we discuss the business, the art, the ethics of content creation on the open web. Hosted by Jared White.

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Sex Appeal, Heteronormativity, and White Supremacy in Algorithms

In today's episode, I step through some follow-up and a few items of note I've been tracking (such as the gorgeous Nikon Z fc retro-style camera!) before kicking off a rant about the ways algorithms privilege the already privileged instead of favoring content off the beaten path. Apparently you're likely to do quite well on YouTube if you're young, white, cis, "attractive", and so forth…but what about the rest of us?

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Why I Started Creator Class (a Newsletter)

Creator Class is my new newsletter all about the challenges and rewards of being an underpaid content creator building an audience one connection at a time. In today's episode of Fresh Fusion, I talk about why I decided to rebrand and refocus my newsletter and why it's so important to highlight conversations around motivation and ethics in content creation. (Also why I'm ditching YouTube and going back to an audio-only format!)

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O Patreon, You Done Me Wrong

I opened the Patreon mobile app on my iPhone. I looked at the feed. Suddenly, in the twinkling of an eye, POOF! A bunch of the creators I follow vanished. Gone. Out of this world. Did they suddenly shut down all their accounts? Was there a rapture and I wasn’t notified? No, it was none of those things. Patreon just had a temporary snafu billing my debit card, and because of that, I was unceremoniously placed in fan purgatory with little elucidation of my crimes. This wasn’t a temporary user experience glitch. This was a UX disaster. And yet, buried in their help center, Patreon states this is exactly how they handle such matters. Boo! Creators and fans deserve better.

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Meet the New Normal, Same as the Old Normal?

This is me stumbling my way through an episode all about systemic racism in zoning laws and white supremacist policies harming disenfranchised minorities, and how I was raised to believe affluent suburban neighborhoods are the American Dream. While the global pandemic has been horrifying and so very hard to stomach, perhaps we can also see it as a much-needed opportunity to accept just how much work remains to be done to bring liberty and justice to all. We shouldn't ever want to go "back to normal" if the new normal could be oh so much better.

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Portland: Paradise or Perdition?

This is a deeply personal episode. I spent most of my life within a 60 miles radius of where I was born. That all changed when I relocated to the Portland, Oregon metro area. I came here on a fact-finding mission in 2017 and fell head-over-heels in love with the place. It's no accident in the slightest that the most creative period in my entire life has transpired right here in Portland. I guess that's why it's a real sore spot for me when I see Portland dragged through the mud in the press—not to mention the whole concept of living in a dense urban environment. Are moving to the suburbs really the answer to the challenges of pandemic living? Does living in a "hip" city really have any influence on high-level creativity and artistic scope? Tune in to hear my story and my take.

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