A very special day here at The Jared White Show…we’ve arrived at the 50th episode! So let us take some time out of our normal schedule to celebrate the journey so far and what will propel us towards the next 100th episode milestone.

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Thoughts from episode: “Consistency is hard! Putting stuff out before you reap the “rewards” of fame and fortune is not easy at all. John Campea talked about this in a recent video where he shared his challenge every day of having to convince himself to get out of bed early in the morning and start working on the next episode of The John Campea Show. Even for a seasoned broadcaster who makes a living from YouTube, this stuff isn’t easy. Or look at folks like Jimmy Fallon or Stephen Colbert doing their thing every weekday, every week (almost), year in and year out. They’re professionals.

You have to treat your creative work like a professional, even if you’re still an amateur (in the best sense of the word). To do truly meaningful work, to become great at your art, it takes consistency and perseverance to forge a real legacy.”

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