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Published by my web software company Whitefusion, INTERSECT features articles about supporting the open web, security & privacy, UI/UX, and Ruby programming.

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A blog & resource site + YouTube vlog for independent workers. Here I teach people how to embrace the free agent lifestyle and flourish as creators.

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My alter ego as a producer of synthwave, chillout, and thematic electronica. Yarred combines cutting-edge DJ-style live groove production with classic keyboard playing on analog and digital synthesizers.

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Jared White

Going through a bit of a rough patch this month…reason isn’t important, but what is important is just how much I’m having to wrestle with my brain to stay positive and focused. I almost had a full-blown panic attack earlier this week because I let worry and dark ruminations get the better of me. But I’m making headway by challenging myself to get more sleep, spend more time on exercise, and do something creative and fun every day to recharge my batteries. Living in the now beats battling fictional tomorrows any day! #mindfulness

Jared White

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a podcast! Coming soon to a player near you, The Jared White Show is a curated celebration of the artform that is the web; a weekly perspective on how individuals have the power to spark open and free communication and innovation online. Stay tuned for the first episode release date!

Jared White

I’m still processing how I feel about the adrenaline-infused spectacle that is Avengers: Infinity War. Without giving away any spoilers, the film starts off at 100 MPH and barely lets up the gas over the next 2 hours and 36 minutes. Now this isn’t all that shocking given the way action movies get made these days, but in this case it really does feel quite intense. I think it’s because this truly is the culmination of 10 years of Marvel films. We’ve grown to love these characters who have been presented and developed in so many interesting and creative ways throughout the 18 stories that preceded Infinity War. Seeing what they go through in this massive film and what they’re up against in Thanos, a villain of surprising nuance and emotional depth, is the ride of a lifetime.

While I am a huge Star Wars fan through and through, I must admit that, as a millennial, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is today’s top-tier franchise that I’ve most bonded with. Star Wars is awesome but it’s a story that came out of my parents’ generation. The MCU is my story. (Yes, I know most of the actual characters and some of the plot lines are from comic books that originated decades ago. But to me, having never read the comics, everything feels new and fresh.)

I’ll just say one more thing about the movie (which isn’t a spoiler, I promise): I was so happy with what they did with Doctor Strange in this story. Not only did he get a fair amount of screen time, he played a pivotal role on several occasions in progressing the plot forward. Benedict Cumberbatch is in top form (when is he ever not?!), and since Doctor Strange is my favorite character in the MCU (and his origin story film one of my favorite movies of all time), I was quite pleased about this.

If you haven’t seen Avengers: Infinity War yet, what are you waiting for? Go! Go now! It’s an historical event in film history we’re all going to be talking about for a long time to come. #movies #scifi

Jared White

I’m recovering from a weeklong trip out of state, so it took me by surprise that #Apple just released its Q2 financial results. Not a whole lot of noteworthy items, but I was very glad to see that the iPad segment is doing quite well. Incremental growth in both units and revenue show that Apple’s bifurcated strategy of issuing low-cost iPads for the masses plus high-end iPad Pros for power users has been very successful. I think at this point we can safely put all “iPad is doomed” fears to rest.

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