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Expressively publishing on the open web since 1996.
Entranced by Portland, Oregon since 2017.

Then (Apr. 30, 2022)

  • So much has been going on behind the scenes lately! As you may have heard, Twitter is imploding as Elon Musk tries to take it private, and I am DONE slaving away as a pawn of Big Tech and their absurd notions of content moderation (or lack thereof).
  • Time to put the emphasis back where it belongs: real people publishing real content on real websites. As I wrote in A Legacy of Words, walled gardens have been attempting to capture digital words over the decades, and they’ve failed. The Open Web has been and shall ever be the digital space where lasting meaning and value is created.
  • So I’m putting a ton of effort into upgrading this site in small but significant ways, as well as working on a brand-new website/blog specifically for a wide variety of web development topics called The Spicy Web. And I’ll continue to write and podcast for Fullstack Ruby as well. In addition, I’m transitioning away from Revue for my email newsletter Creator Class and will be using ConvertKit instead. They have a fantastic API which lets me can download issues and then post them right here on my site. This way all my issues will be saved here in perpetuity and not siloed away in ConvertKit. That, my friends, is how you do the indie web!
  • Last but not least, I’m back on Mastodon (aka The Fediverse). It should come as no surprise that I signed up using the IndieWeb.social instance. Yup, definitely on-brand there! 😅 Anyway, come follow me there and let’s enjoy using open web and open source technology to communicate together!

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