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Then (Nov. 14, 2021)

  • I’m writing to you from my shiny new office desk setup at SPACES, a coworking space in the Slabtown area of Portland, Oregon. I’ve been working for a few months in their main lobby area on a “drop-in” basis, but this past week I signed on to get a permanent desk in their dedicated coworking room on the second floor. Fancy!
  • Part of the reason I wanted a permament setup was because I wanted 24/7 access to the coworking space. The truth of the matter is I often take a portion of my afternoon off each day and instead work late in the evening. That’s just how my body is wired these days. I’ve learned it’s perfectly reasonable to take an afternoon nap. I’m far more alert at 10pm than 3pm. I also have a bit of a haphazard weekly schedule due to parenting time post-divorce, so there are some days where most of my work gets done starting at dinner time. Ah, the joys of the freelance lifestyle! 😜
  • I’ve been blown away by the generous response to the fundraising campaign we’re doing over at the Bridgetown project. I’ve never raised a bunch of money like this! It’s my first real public crowdfunding campaign. And it’s not even using a “platform”—I created the fundraising site from scratch and manually wired up PayPal and Stripe. (It’s of course built with Bridgetown and it’s of course open source). Getting to halfway to $5000 in less than three weeks is just tremendous. I’ve never been more pumped to work on software to benefit Ruby and the web dev community. 😍

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