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Then (Jan. 9, 2021)

  • So it’s now The Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Twenty One. Like everyone else, I’m feeling a heady mixture of optimisic elation and lingering PTSD. 🥴 I think it’ll take a while to feel a renewed sense of general lightness. Hopefully the next few months of good news as vaccines roll out will accelerate the trend!
  • An unexpected side-effect of 2020 was I (finally?) “gratuated” from reluctant career programmer trying to find fulfillment in other hobbies to actually loving being a programmer. Now that there’s so much exciting stuff going on in my little corner of the web dev world, my next big goal in tech is nothing less than World Domination. (Bwa ha ha!)
  • Nonetheless, I remain invested in other non-tech side projects…most notably I’m part-way through a new electronic music album project with a friend of mine. We’ve been co-composing and arranging everything remotely, which isn’t always easy, but the results so far are stellar.
  • Final line item here is still a bummer…still not blogging regularly on JaredWhite.com, still not sending out weekly email newsletters. 😭 I think I need a “series” idea or something because otherwise it’s just not gonna happen…
  • That said, subscribe to my weekly email newsletter! 😅

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