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Then (Nov. 10, 2020)

  • I watched the Apple Silicon Macs keynote, and wowee! Those machines look like they’re screaming fast. I expected a big boost (otherwise why bother to switch away from Intel?), but I didn’t expact that much of a boost! Really tempted to pick up a new Mac mini…
  • Just finished recording the next episode of the Fresh Fusion podcast, which is the successor to The Jared White Show. Feeling really good about the new direction for the show and the reception thus far.
  • I put up a new screenshare tutorial on how to configure template engines in the latest release of Bridgetown, and that process went pretty well so I’m excited to start on another one soon.
  • Still haven’t gotten a Mark Up This! newsletter out the door yet…I’m hoping once I finish working on the Ruby programming blog I’ve been working on and get that launched, I’ll be at a better cadance for writing in general.

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