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Then (Oct. 1, 2020)

  • Well, right now right now, I’m writing this Now page! 🤓
  • I’m getting ready to record the first official episode of the Fresh Fusion podcast, which is the successor to The Jared White Show.
  • Since Fresh Fusion will have a video version to be posted on YouTube, I’ve been finding ways to make it easier to record video at my desk in general since I’m also hoping to record more screenshare tutorials on how to build websites with Bridgetown.
  • I haven’t done a very good job this year of writing for my blog in a timely fashion (as well as getting the newsletter out), but I just started working on a mind map detailing all my various content outlets and when I’ll work on what next, so I’m hoping this will be the first step in getting a more disciplined and predictable schedule hammered out.
  • Now that I have a Now page, I look forward to updating it every couple weeks or so!

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