This Sunday, February 28, marks the one year anniversary of Covid-19 hitting Oregon. My god. View newsletter on the web.
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Issue #53: Hope on the Horizon, but a Grim Anniversary

This Sunday, February 28, marks the one year anniversary of Covid-19 hitting Oregon. My god. Twelve months of anger, denial, despair, grief, and all the other emotions that come with the seeming End Of The World As We Know It.

But alongside all the grim reminders of what we’d begun to grapple with a year ago, some truly epic milestones too. Both new cases and deaths are sharply trending downward, with one local hospital announcing the first day their critical care unit was free of Covid-19 patients in nearly a year. Restaurants and gyms are opening to limited capacity. Movie theaters are slowly coming back online. Vaccines are continuing to roll out to more people all the time with millions of doses on their way.

Now some people might say this is too soon. We’ve seen this scenario start to play out before and then things got real bad. But it’s a promising sign that maybe, just maybe, we’ve finally turned a corner and are on our way to beating this thing. For once, I’m ready to feel hopeful again.

• • •

On this week’s podcast episode, I talk about the importance of not squandering this moment; this opportunity to course-correct the ever-fragile story of American democracy. In 2020, we saw the naked truth of just how ugly our national mood could become, and how far we have yet to go to undo the legacy of systemic racism and injustice. I can’t unsee what I’ve seen…nor would I want to. But what to do about it personally? That’s the quest I am now on. I’m not a politician—nor do I play one on TV! But thst doesn’t mean my hands are tied. We all have the ability to enact meaningful, positive change—even if it affects only two or three people.

Onward and upward!

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The recent snowstorm here in #portland was the most snowfall I've seen in the city since moving here. It's all melted now and we're even getting some sun, but for a few days there it was totally surreal. This is the trainyard near Union Station. Fresh snow with very few tracks in sight!

I heard of a recent survey which indicates that when lockdowns ease up later this year, many Americans would rather go traveling than have sex. My question is: what sort of a tomfool choice is that?! 🤪 😜 💓