It's no accident in the slightest that the most creative period in my entire life has transpired right here in Portland. View newsletter on the web.
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Issue #52: Rumors of Portland’s Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

Irish actor Robert Sheehan once said: “the more I get used to my life, the more restless I become.”

So it is with me. However, I haven’t often acted on my impulses. I would characterize much of my early adulthood as an epic and painful tug-of-war between my strong preference to be liked (aka to not ruffle any feathers) and my deep-seated desire for far-flung adventure.

Thankfully, I’ve now reached a more mature age when—to a certain extent—I no longer give a shit. Because it turns out, people liking you isn’t worth a hill of beans. True friendship and admiration is earned by what you actually accomplish, what you actually stand for. But that’s a broader topic for another day.

My point is this: if I had acted on my innate impulses sooner, I would have already lived in a number of different cities and states in America and probably enjoyed several stints abroad. Instead, I spent most of my life within a 60 miles radius of where I was born. That all changed when I relocated to the Portland, Oregon metro area. I came here on a fact-finding mission in 2017 and fell head-over-heels in love with the place. It’s no accident in the slightest that the most creative period in my entire life has transpired right here in Portland.

I guess that’s why it’s a real sore spot for me when I see Portland dragged through the mud in the press—not to mention the whole concept of living in a dense urban environment. Yet another casualty of the pandemic I suppose.

You could say I have some thoughts, which is why this week’s podcast episode is entirely dedicated to the question of just WTF has been happening to Portland? Will it bounce back from tragedy and circumstance? Are moving to the suburbs really the answer to the challenges of pandemic living? Does living in a “hip” city really have any influence on high-level creativity and artistic scope?

Yes, hell no, and absolutely. But you’ll have to listen to the episode for my longer take. And if you completely disagree with me, that’s fine too. I welcome the (friendly) debate. 😎

Also ICYMI: last week’s podcast episode was all about the state of Tumblr in 2021 and why I’ve started posting mobile photography there, having dropped Instagram in the process (hashtag deletefacebook and all that). If you’re curious what my new photoblog looks like, here it is!

Question of the Day: which practices or mindsets have helped maximize your creative “flow” during the pandemic? Email me at with your recommendations and I’ll share them on the next podcast episode. Cheers!

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