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Issue #49: St. Augustine Rhymes with Quarantine and Other Useless Facts

It’s funny the kinds of things that stick with you in the midst of a giant firehose of information about a global pandemic.

For example, a wise sage on Twitter took this opportunity to remind us all that Augustine (that’s Saint Augustine to you boy) rhymes with quarantine. In other words, it’s AH-gus-TEEN, not uh-GUS-tin. I’m not entirely sure this is the most useful observation to be considering right now, but there you have it. I also think my quip that we’re all living in a “Quarantino” movie now deserves some merit—“Once Upon a Time…in Isolation.”

You’re welcome.

But on a more serious note, I finally sat down to write about some of the things I’ve been struggling with over the past few weeks, and I wish I could say it was all due to, y’know, the global pandemic…it would make for a simpler explanation. And of course that’s a thing everyone is going through right now. A shared trauma of the entire human race at a singular moment in space and time.

But there’s more to it…additional insanity that’s been going on behind the scenes—and while I can’t talk too much about it publicly just yet, I did tease out some of the broad strokes in my latest podcast episode.

Speaking of podcasts, this is an episode you’ll want to listen to if for no other reason that I share some of my favorite games and TV shows which have taken the edge off of dark times. I realize you’ve probably heard enough favorite-games-and-shows lists lately to last a lifetime, but you might as well put one more in your back pocket!

At least it’s not another join-me-on-this-amazing-10-day-yoga-workout-vlog-series pitch. I’m defintely WELL over that old chestnut.

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Sitting on a bench in the sun listening to a podcast. For a fleeting moment, the world is bright.

Stay healthy, stay safe, stay home! (And hopefully then we’ll all get through this much quicker and can start to reopen sooner rather than later.)

Peace! ✌️☮️