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Issue #48: Work-from-home phenomenon, trackpads & iPads, and Photoshop's future

I sincerely hope you are all well and riding out this present storm of self-quarantine measures with aplomb.

In case you are desperate for more audio content to listen to, never fear! Jared is here, and I’m trying to lighten the mood a bit with talk of the brand-new cursor and trackpad support in iPadOS 13.4, as well as speculation on how the sudden transition to remote work might change the business landscape for good as we look ahead.

I also convey my impressions using Photoshop for iPad now that the new cursor-based input brings the user experience closer to the Mac and even surpasses it in many ways.

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Episode 53: iPadOS 13.4, Photoshop for iPad, Remote Work, and Staying Home

Items I’ve Posted Recently…

Oops, I haven’t actually posted anything else on the website in a while. I had the best of intentions of resuming my blogging schedule and even have a couple posts in draft form…but the present crisis is zapping most of my spare creative mojo. But hey, we’ll all have much to write about when this is all over, right? RIGHT??!!