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Issue #45: Like a Professional

I recently returned from a train trip up to Seattle. (I’ve been wanting to try the Amtrak Cascades line ever since moving within walking distance of Portland’s Union Station!)

But that’s all going to get covered in my next vlog episode. Today, however, I’m here to ruminate on the release of the 50th—yes, FIF-tee-ITH episode of The Jared White Show.

When I originally thought about starting YAPWIPORTEOATFO (Yet Another Podcast Which I’ll Probably Only Record Ten Episodes Of And Then Fizzle Out), I hesitated for quite a long time and not just because I was wary of starting something new that doesn’t go anywhere. I was mostly afraid of simply being…boring. Most podcasts I listen to involve multiple people: an interviewer and an interviewee, or two buddies chatting over a pint, or a panel discussion, or whatever. It’s a conversation, and you as the listener get to insert yourself silently into the mix.

But I didn’t have a buddy or panel to do a podcast with. It was just me and a microphone. And the choice was simply this: either record a show and possibly watch it fail, or don’t bother trying at all. Which option is more rewarding in the end?

So I. Went. For. It. And here we are, 50 episodes later, and I’m so-o-o-o glad I did. It’s been hard work, sure, but it’s also been oodles of fun. It has become a mainstay of my weekly schedule. It has grown into the centerpiece of the content I post on jaredwhite.com. And as soon as I finish with an episode, I’m already imagining what I’ll record next.

Is it an overwhelming success? Frankly, no. The listenership is small and growth steady. But that’s why, in the episode, I talked about what keeps me motivated to stick with it and keep going with the show. Personally, I’ve been a part of too many fandoms that ended abruptly before their time. I’m determined to do things differently with The Jared White Show. That day nearly two years ago, when I finally made the initial desicion to start this podcast, I swore to myself I would record at least 100 episodes. At that point, it will have become clear to me whether I should keep going past that or perhaps use my 100-episode-milestone to shop around for a podcast network or similar opportunity.

In either case, this is no longer “just” a hobby or “just” a side-project for me. I’m treating this as a real gig, even if any financial reward has yet to materialize. I’m taking my craft seriously, like a professional. And I believe that’s what makes it get better and better, both for me as the “content creator” and you as the audience.

As a fun little bonus to celebrate the 50th “birthday” of the podcast, I recorded the episode in video form as well as audio! So you can either listen to it or watch it on YouTube. Have at it.

📺 Watch the 50th Episode of The Jared White Show

🎧 Listen to the 50th Episode of The Jared White Show

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