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Issue #42: Like to Get to Know You Well

As the Howard Jones song goes, just wanna get to the real you inside.

I figure it’s time for a little refresher on who I am and what I’m up to these days, both with new subscribers coming on-board and some of my long-time audience probably forgetting why they joined my newsletter in the first place. So here goes!

I was born and raised in Northern California, then moved up with my family to Oregon in 2017. Currently I’m living in Portland proper where I work primarily out of my home studio. (Though the world-class proliferation of coffee shops here as well as some dope hotel lounges certainly tend to make an appearance in my weekly schedule.)

Ever since I was a wee child, I’ve always loved writing and publishing. But for some reason, it never occured to me this could be a defining characteristic of my life until a few years ago. (I wrote about such an epiphany back in 2013.) And with the changes I made to my lifestyle and daily routine last year, I expect this area to grow considerably in 2020.

My “day job” is designing and developing websites and applications for clients large and small under the auspices of my company Whitefusion.

However, in my copious spare time (HA!), I tend to my “personal brand” (say that in a faux snobbish, condensing tone 😉) by focusing on a few different avenues of content creation:

The Jared White Show — this is my weekly podcast where we (aka you and I!) gather to celebrate the best of internet culture, advocate for an open web, revel in geek fandom, and discover what it means to be a creator of integrity in 2020 and beyond.

Essential Life with Jared — my vlog series all about adventure in Portland & the Pacific Northwest combined with the philosophy of essentialism. It’s about finding your own way and never walking somebody else’s path. It’s about living a creative life that’s most meaningful to you. (My Instagram photography and the images you see regularly in this newsletter also follow this theme.)

Simple Praxis — I know some of you originally followed me because of my blogging on religious & spiritual topics. I’m now mainly publishing along those lines over at Simple Praxis, an exploration of progressive Christian thought and awareness which seeks a return to empire-challenging social justice which permeated the ministry of Jesus and his early followers. (What a mouthful!) Note: there is a separate mailing list for that blog, so if you are interested those topics, make sure you subscribe to that list.

And let’s not forget my main blog at which, as I stated above, I expect to be an area of renewed focus this year.

All that to say: thank you for being a subscriber and in many cases for sticking with me through all the changes of pace and place over the years! It means a lot.

Speaking of The Jared White Show, yep you guessed it, there’s another episode of the podcast out this week. (w00t!)

I took a dive into the swirl of consternation over what Twitter’s new reply controls might mean for the platform, product anniversaries of note in Apple history, all the wacky new cyberpunk and brutalist designs of phones, pianos, trucks, websites, etc., and tons of TV fandom followup. And we’re just getting started!

🎙 Episode 47: Buff Mage and the Reply Controls

Items I’ve Posted Recently…

Blue Line to Hillsboro. #portland

An essentialist examines their life not only to clear out the non-essential obligations and clutter and bad habits and so forth in an attempt to simplify and focus. That’s all good, certainly. But the ultimate goal is to orient your life such that when opportunities arise which are squarely in your sights for the lifestyle you most desire, you are in the perfect position to give an emphatic YES. In other words, dreams don’t come true just by happenstance. You’ve got to prepare the way.

#lifehacks #minimalism

“Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time.” –Steven Wright

#quote #portland

Broadway Bridge…one of my three favorite spans across the Willamette. #portland

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