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Issue #41: Practicing the Art of Observation

In her book Write Yourself Happy: The Art of Positive Journaling, Megan C Hayes PhD writes:

“One thing that binds almost all of us is habitat — we all have one (our home, city or country) and we all ultimately share one (the planet). Too often, we ignore our surroundings; we conceptualize ‘us’ and ‘the environment’, not realizing that this — all of this! — is the environment. We are in it. Write about the bits of the world that facilitate your joy, from the interesting architecture of a gallery to quiet blue skies or the kind of drenching rain that romantic comedy is founded on.”

As I’m writing this, the drenching rain of last night has given way to a lovely sunrise here in Portland, and I’m reminded once again how important environment is to me. And not just the great outdoors but the places where I live and where I work. And not just my external reality but my inner world as well. The mysterious realm of the soul.

Through all of the challenges that come our way, if we remain grounded in our environment — and be willing to change our environment if it is causing us more harm than good — I believe we’ll be much better equipped to make it through the storm.

So practice the art of observation…observing yourself, observing the people around you, observing your city, your world. Notice what “sparks joy” and what causes suffering. Make a mental map of the way you feel and write it down, journal it, process it, let it slowly transform into insight and wisdom.

That’s my motivational speech for the day! Welcome to 2020 y’all.

Got a HUGE new episode of The Jared White Show out alongside numerous changes to the format…I’ll now be answering listener questions on every episode as well as recording a bonus episode each week for my patrons over at Patreon. I go into all these changes on the show, plus a slew of topics and commentary around geek fandom, content creation, OS upgrades, YouTube meltdowns, and more! Listen here:

🎙 46: The Dawn of a Decade and a Fresh New Format

Items I’ve Posted Recently…

Goose on the loose. #portland

Naito Parkway is one of the most scenic routes through downtown Portland, following the edge of the Willamette River. I always love seeing it when viewed from the Lovejoy Ramp above.
#portland #oregonexplored

The Pearl is looking mighty shiny in 2020. How’s your New Year going so far?
#portland #oregonexplored

You know those moments where the lighting outside and the sky get all dramatic for a minute and you’re like…gosh I wish I had my fancy camera on me!? Well this time I had my fancy camera on me! Yippee.

Location: Cascade Locks

Sun poked its head out the day after Christmas. Should have been singing that song from Annie instead of Jingle Bells back on the 25th! 😆


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