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Issue #33: A Multimedia Week

Most weeks, I just don’t feel very productive as a content creator. I’m always obsessing over how I could have done more, imagined more, produced more, written more, edited more, published more.

Not this week. 🤣

Let’s start with the video. On Monday, I published an intimate Essential Life vlog episode shot in my studio/kitchen (they’re part of the same large room). I shared my thoughts on the challenge of finding that one passion to say Yes to (and conversely No to other distractions)—especially in a season of great upheaval:

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On Wednesday, I released another episode of The Jared White Show where I ranted explained my strong desire for website visitors to have their personal computing resources honored and their privacy respected. I also talk about the latest Canon DSLR camera that can shoot uncropped 4K video. (w00t!)

🎙 Episode 39: Fundamental Right to Web Privacy + Canon 90D Camera

And finally, on Thursday (yesterday), over at Simple Praxis I published a detailed autobiographical essay of my journey out of religious fundamentalism, joining the ranks of the #Exvangelical movement. I’ve read so many stories by others with gut-wrenching tales far more shocking than mine, but my story is certainly not without its moments of the macabre or bizarre. I hope you at least find it somewhat entertaining…

🔗 Leaving It All Behind: Why I walked away from the false certainty of Charismatic Evangelical religion.

Items I’ve Posted Recently…

It’s always a photographic pleasure when I’m able to capture that magical moment when multiple modes of transportation align within a single frame.

#portland #oregonexplored

I just got back from a day trip to Seattle and shot a ton of way-cool footage, so I’m chomping at the bit to compile that all into an episode for next week’s vlog. Until then (if you’re in the U.S.), I hope you have a fantastic Labor Day weekend!