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Issue #32: Make Blogging Great Again!

Ugh, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

So this newsletter is all about blogging—from my latest podcast episode about the news of microblogging platform Tumblr getting acquired (again) by the WordPress folks over at Automattic, to the article I wrote up about my favorite new blogging technique.

Truth be told, I haven’t been blogging much this year. Like so many content creators, I’ve been putting all my eggs into the audio/video basket. Everyone who’s anyone has a podcast now, and YouTube + Instagram continue to be the dynamic duo when it comes to self-promotion. And for those times when you just want to get a jumble of written thoughts out quick, there’s the venerable “tweetstorm.”

I hate tweetstorms.

But as we head into September, I’m gearing up to jump back into regular blogging once again—write fast and break things. Because there’s just something special about the medium of the written word, and blogging in particular is an artform I feel needs to be celebrated.

Honestly, there aren’t enough good bloggers in the world. (Not that I’m implying I’m so great, but it’s a skill I constantly wish to improve.) Writing is one of those things that’s very easy to do yet very hard to do well. (Unlike playing the violin. That’s an all or nothing proposition!)

I recently came back from a road trip where I had a lot of free time just to muse and ponder, and the end result was a renewed sense that I truly love to write (and love to read)…and while podcasting and vlogging and all the other fun media you can play with these days is certainly not going anywhere, I am determined to remain what I’ve fancied myself to be since the 90s:

A Blogger.

Episode 38: iPad Roadtrippin’ + Tumblr Has Gone Automattic

On my road trip through central Oregon, the only computer-ish device I brought with me was my iPad Pro. Somehow I managed to get some actual work done! (Who knew?)

Automattic, the folks behind, have purchased the long-suffering Web 2.0 stalwart and promise to usher in a new microblogging renaissance. I talk about that.

There’s also a bonus topic on how to track daily progress in popular journaling app Day One. You don’t have to use Day One for this tip, but it certainly helps.

I hope you enjoy the show! Listen here:

🎙 Episode 38: iPad Roadtrippin’ + Tumblr Has Gone Automattic

Items I’ve Posted Recently…

A Single File for Blog Drafts Has Changed Everything

If your writing habit has become mired in procrastination, here’s a supercharged tip for you.

I was pretty impressed by the fact I could have a Zoom conference call on my iPad while hiking near the top of Black Butte in central Oregon. Yay for modern wireless networking! #oregonexplored

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