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Issue #31: Summertime FOMO Blues

Hashtag “VanLife” on YouTube will be the death of me.

On the one hand, it’s hecka fun to watch attractive millennial couples bop around various countries with their tiny houses on wheels—splashing in local watering holes, eating local vegan cuisine, and shooting epic drone footage with a dramatic Future Bass soundtrack.

On the other hand, I’m watching them out of the corner of my eye while sitting in my office chair staring at code all day. Being a programmer pays well but the sedentary work environment does not mesh well with August.

All that to say, I’ve really been struggling with FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out, for the folks in the back) lately, and to solve this problem I did what comes most naturally.

I wrote a blog post about it. 🤣

More specifically, I wrote about how to fight back against your inner demos whenever you’re faced with feelings of inadequacy or failure—especially when you find yourself in a season of life when you have to start over in some measure. (Happens to all of us eventually.)

Anyway, check out the link below and let me know if you resonate with any of these notions.

In case you missed it last week, I recorded Episode 37 of The Jared White Show, and in the grand tradition of off-beat podcast titles, I’m particularly proud of this one: Get SMART (called that because one of the topics I discussed on the show is a recent bill in Congress called the SMART Act).

I also dived into the latest Q3 2019 earnings results from Apple, and—depending on who you talk to—they’re either surprisingly stellar or dreadfully terrible. Sometimes when I look at what passes for news reporting these days, I can’t even.

Anyway, listen here for all that and more. Don’t miss the Hopper, P.I. bit at the end if you’re at all a fan of Stranger Things!

Items I’ve Posted Recently…

Apparently this is the face I make when I’m out scouting for good portrait locations and I decide to take a selfie with a “model pose” for full effect. 🤓😝


Getting Past the Pain of Starting Over

This is your chance. This is your time.

So you can take the Portland Aerial Tram up to the OSHU complex near Stonehenge radio tower, which I knew, but what I didn’t know is you can veer right as soon as you get off the tram and walk along an AMAZING patio area that overlooks the whole frickin’ Willamette Valley/Portland area—cafe tables and all.

Oh I’m coming back up here, no doubt about it!
#portland #oregonexplored

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