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Issue #29: Courage is Contagious

Memory is a funny thing. We can recall certain details from years ago as if they happened yesterday, yet other notable occurances are blotted out from our recollection entirely.

Last August, I wrote about a sequence of events which transpired in 2008-2009—the short version is I wanted to take a “sabbatical” and reorient myself around a possible change of career, and I was talked out of taking that time off by church and family authority figures. Years later, I perceived my lack of fortitude in the matter as proving disastrous considering what later happened in my professional and personal life.

Fast foward to this year. In a recent session with my therapist, he encouraged me to get back in touch with my “younger self” from the past and rekindle some of the dreams I once held dear, and as I was following his advice by looking through an old diary of mine, I discovered something I had completely forgotten about.

Months before that whole sabbatical fiasco, I had actually written down in my diary a blueprint for an entirely new professional endeavor. It was clear and succinct. It played to my strengths. It was new and exciting.

Then a day later, I basically wrote down an addendum saying in essence: “Nah, never mind. I’ll just keep doing what I’ve been doing and try to tweak my schedule a little bit so I have more free time for side projects.” In other words, long before others tried to talk me out of taking a giant leap of faith, I talked myself out of it.

As this realization washed over me upon reviewing my old diary entries, a profound sense of renewed optimism and empowerment came to me. I could no longer blame others for my missteps. I couldn’t expect others to believe in me because I didn’t even believe in myself. But that can change now. I can make different choices. I can take a new path. There’s always another opportunity, another chance.

I guess the point of all this is to encourage you with the thought that, if you’re not feeling supported enough by friends or family in a risky new endeavor you’re considering taking, maybe the first place to start is with your own inner conviction. Courage is contagious. Other people may not understand your reasoning now, but if you step out on a limb and try something bold—come what may—that show of confidence is going to have an impact. And who knows? You might be surprised to find yesterday’s critic becomes tomorrow’s cheerleader.

Steve Jobs was a champion of…the open web?!

In the most recent episode of The Jared White Show, I commented on an old WIRED article from 1996 wherein Steve Jobs had a lot to say about the web. It was a fascinating read, not to mention fun to compare how his predictions about where the web was headed lines up with today’s reality. (Shocker: he actually got quite a bit right!)

Listen to that and much more here:

🎙 Episode 32: Juggling is Magic

And if you’re wondering what the title is all about, yes, there is juggling in the episode. (Not my juggling of course. I’m terrible at it!)

Items I’ve Posted Recently…

Due to circumstances somewhat beyond my control, I had to upgrade my #iPhone from a 7 Plus to a XR (Coral, looks dope). The enchanced photo processing combined with the wide gamut display means photos like this really pop! I do miss the 2X zoom lens from my iPhone 7 Plus, but otherwise, the iPhone XR is a really solid product and I’m enjoying it tremendously.

Taken at Tanner Springs Park in #portland

13 Ways To Avoid Being An Asshole Online (according to the Apostle Paul)

If the Apostle Paul were here today, he might have a few thoughts about how to be a better netizen. And, of course, he would utilize the very latest in modern communication styles, which probably means he would grab a tablet (iPad, of course) and post…a listicle.

You’re welcome.

I haven’t blogged over at Simple Praxis in quite a while, so what better way to kick off my latest stint there than to draft a humorous take on what is quite honestly one of my favorite passages of Scripture. #comedy #spirituality

It looks like we’ll have nice weather again this weekend in Portland, so I’m planning on hitting the beach along the Columbia River. What are your plans as we head into the summer? Got a fun trip planned? Hunkered down working too hard? Let me know!