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Issue #28: Depression vs Essentialism

Depression is different for everybody.

But for me, depression is the opposite of essentialism. What do I mean by essentialism in this context?

• Focusing only on those things, pursuits, habits which align with my core values.

• Practicing mindfulness & gratitude, and cultivating my inner spirituality.

• Being quick to let go of destructive mindsets which are holding me back.

• Surrounding myself with safe people who I trust have my back in the midst of struggle and self-doubt.

When I falter in any of the above areas, that old familiar feeling of hopelessness and lack of purpose comes creeping back in.

The best way to avoid the downward spiral is to refuse to play that old game.

Essentialism provides my brain with a different playbook. It’s like going to the gym for a good workout…but for the mind.

If you’d like to learn more about key mindfulness techniques which have helped me train my brain in the pursuit of the practices I just mentioned, I published a YouTube video last year on this very topic. (Feel free to skip ahead to 3:38 if you don’t want to watch my preamble about coffee and Laurelhurst Park in Portland.)

A Fresh New Look

You may have noticed this newsletter looks a little different today! I decided to embrace spring fashion this year and roll out a whole new look for my website, The Jared White Show, and this newsletter. A bit bold, just a little funky, and oodles of fun. I talk more about the design and why Apple’s Watch band design team is to blame for all this in my latest podcast episode:

🎙 Episode 31: The Rise of Slab-Serif

Also contained therein is a throwback to the internet of 1996, thoughts on depressed superheroes, and gender-swapping cosplay. Never a dull moment on The Jared White Show!

Items I’ve Posted Recently…

On a family outing in #portland last weekend, we saw this classic Buick parked along the street—gleaming in the sunlight and in absolutely imacculate condition inside and out. Now I’ve never had a particular interest in owning and maintaining classic cars, but if I did…I’d want this one. 😎

I tend to be very skeptical of any study, teaching, or philosophy that contains language like “women tend to be like this” or “women tend to want to do that” or “women will think like this rather than that”. Why? Because women have been so marginalized throughout history that many have internalized what societal expectations are for them, rather than who they really are. So don’t look at the average results. Look at the outliers. The women kicking butt and taking names. The women defying all expectations. Those women are far more indicative of the future of humanity!

If all the people out there who complain about how “blogging/ RSS/websites/whatever” is dead and we’re all stuck with “Twitter/Facebook/whatever” — quit those services and used blogs, Mastodon, and other open web services, we’d be back to where we were before: a vibrant online content ecosystem free of aggressive corporate dominance and a data-sucking ad-tracking hellscape.

It all starts with us: we the people. Join the revolution!

Work continues slowly but surely on my plans for YouTube going forward…I managed to burn myself out attempting to release epic travel videos on a regular basis, so I’m trying to come up with a reasonable balance between the dramatic stuff and just sharing candid moments in a catchy studio set. Stay tuned 😃🎥💡

Have a great weekend everybody! ’Till next time…