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Issue #26: To Instagram or Not to Instagram

That is the question.

I deleted Instagram off of my iPhone yesterday. This is a very difficult step for me, because I really do appreciate the community of travel photographers I follow on Instagram. (And I’ve tried to be one myself!) I also enjoy being able to stay in touch with friends there since I’m no longer on Facebook. But the sad truth is that Instagram is Facebook at the corporate level, and I can’t simply shout #DeleteFacebook from the rooftops and still use Instagram. It’s disingenuous.

I haven’t yet gone full nuclear and outright deleted my Instagram account…we’ll see in the next issue if I’ve screwed my courage to the sticking place and taken it offline. (Wow, two Shakespeare references in one newsletter??? 😱)

Speaking of Shakespeare, we continue to witness the world’s stage descend into madness with the latest developments in the Mueller investigation of Trump and possible collusion with Russia. As of the writing of this newsletter, AG Barr finally (great use of the word here) released the full report by Mueller to the American public…JUST KIDDING. It is indeed the report, but it’s not full.

Huge swaths of the document are redacted, and while in certain cases that’s understandable (email addresses, account numbers, or other personally identifiable information), in many cases the next phase in this investigative process will be Democrats in Congress and other concerned citizens pressing for more information about all the redacted portions of the report. Are these portions missing because of a continuing, active investigation? That seems unlikely because nobody wants to give the President a clean bill of legal health more than Barr himself. So then, why all the secrecy?

Speaking of black holes of information (see what I did there), the internet was recently given the gift of a composite image of a black hole. Then the internet got mad that the gift came (in part) from a woman. I talk about that, the new Star Wars trailer, Disney+, married artists, and more in my latest podcast episode:

🎙 28: Black Hole+

First episode recorded in my new studio, FWIW. That’s fun.

Now I’m off to grab some coffee, because between reading about legal documents and researching React forms (web tech lingo), I already have a headache. Cheers!

Items I’ve Posted Recently…

First-world problem alert:

My freelance web agency has so much work right now, I’m sort of reeling trying to determine the best way to manage it all. I’ll have to bring all of my timeboxing and lifehacking skills to bear in order to avoid feeling like a trainwreck by Friday.

It’s a good problem to have right now with my business, but…boy oh boy do I have my work cut out for me! 🤪 Wish me luck…

#lifehacks #finance

This is my first test of the studio’s new vlogging desk setup. I’ve had lots of ideas about doing product reviews, short topical monologues, narratives interspersed with travel videos, etc. I can’t wait to finish getting this all ready! #vlog

Keep an eye out for some videos about my iPad writing setup in 2019. I’m really loving the combo of products I’ve been using lately and hope to share more about them soon. Peace! ✌️