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Issue #22: You Know Who Loves Privacy? Mark Zuckerberg

Tim Cook will need to start looking over his shoulder because his tenure as The Most Privacy-Focused Tech CEO in Silicon Valley is almost up. Indeed, he has a young cur biting at his heels even now, and that cur’s name is…Mark Zuckerberg.

Case in point:

“I believe we should be working towards a world where people can speak privately and live freely knowing that their information will only be seen by who they want to see it and won’t all stick around forever.”


“I believe the future of communication will increasingly shift to private, encrypted services where people can be confident what they say to each other stays secure and their messages and content won’t stick around forever. This is the future I hope we will help bring about.”

Pardon me while I pick myself off the floor.

All right, so we’re supposed to believe that Mark “The Data Harvester” Zuckerberg—the man whose surprisingly straightforward answer for Senator Orrin Hatch’s question about how Facebook can sustain a lucrative business if its users don’t pay for the service was simply ”Senator, we run ads.”—the man who got his start in social networking by prank-stealing students’ information at Harvard—the man who built a juggernaut of an organization which prides itself on making the world more “open” and “connected” (aka more monetizable and more addicted)—has suddenly seen the light and now wants to prioritize privacy and secure transmission of communications across the entire Facebook empire?

Sure. Perhaps you should ask Zuck about that bridge in Manhattan he’d like to sell you while you’re at it.

MEANWHILE, I recorded another episode of The Jared White Show for your listening pleasure:

🎙 Ubuntu Ate My iMac

That title’s no joke, but in addition to the wild tale of rebuilding my ravaged-by-Linux computer, I also covered a variety of forward-looking topics of interest to Apple nerds such as:

  • Touch ID vs Face ID
  • The USB-C lifestyle, Dongletown, etc.
  • iPad apps coming soon to the Mac via “Marzipan”
  • My WWDC 2019 wishlist
  • OLED vs. LCD iPhone displays
  • The future of the Mac Pro and MacBook Pro
  • And that $27.99 iPad Pro case I bought off Amazon which is actually quite awesome.

Good times.

Items I’ve Posted Recently…

Gitea - Git with a cup of tea

Gitea is a painless self-hosted Git service. It is similar to GitHub, Bitbucket, and Gitlab. The goal of this project is to provide the easiest, fastest, and most painless way of setting up a self-hosted Git service. With Go, this can be done with an independent binary distribution across all platforms and architectures that Go supports. This support includes Linux, macOS, and Windows, on architectures like amd64, i386, ARM, PowerPC, and others.

My latest fun geek project in my ongoing quest to use self-hosted, libre #openweb apps as much as possible is installing Gitea on a DigitalOcean server. I’ve used either Bitbucket or GitHub for hosting all my code repositories (including this #website), but I’m planning to transfer them over to my own Gitea-powered server going forward. The great thing is, Netlify (which I use to publish static sites) supports custom Git servers. Simply install the SSH key they provide, add a webhook to your repository settings on Gitea, and it just works! I’m a happy camper.

One of my favorite #synthmusic artists is Jerome Froese, formerly of Tangerine Dream fame. He joined the group at the end of the 80s during a period of tremendous stylistic and technological change. His father Edgar originally founded TD in the late 60s, so you can imagine twenty years later there was much that was different about the “vibe” of the band (much to the chagrin of many long-time fans).

Nevertheless, I would argue and few would deny that one of the big highlights of 90s-era TD was the Dream Mixes series, principally composed and spearheaded by Jerome. Of this series, DM II is probably my favorite. It’s a heady blend of techno, drum&bass, chill, world fusion, and other styles that got big in the 90s, yet with an overall depth and sensibility that evokes the greatness of classic Berlin School electronica.

Jerome has released a newly remastered 2019 edition of Dream Mixes II, and I highly recommend it. I’m listening to it right now, and it sounds fabulous.

I finally got caught up with processing photos from an early February hike through the snow-frosted woods. This one is probably my favorite!
#oregonexplored #hillsboro

And thus concludes this week’s edition of <Mark Up This!>. Thanks for playing!

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