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Issue #10: The IndieWeb, Creative Illusions, and Freelance Income Philosophy

Items I’ve Posted Recently…

Everything you can imagine is real

Justin Peters takes stock photos and combines them into fantastical and mind-bending scenes. I’ve seen lots of this sort of thing, but these are particularly well done. The one with the umbrella and the road is a straight-up optical illusion and broke my brain for awhile.

Photographic artwork that mainly serves as a way to show off optical illusions or slick Photoshop skills is usually pretty uninteresting to me, but these images are so creative and well-executed, I was drawn to them immediately. #creativity

No podcast episode for this week, but that’s OK because I’m attending the 2018 IndieWeb Summit in #portland to learn all about the latest techniques for building social publishing experiences on the #openweb. I can’t wait to share with you all the latest tricks!

You know you’re a parent when you walk around Saturday morning humming the theme song to Dora the Explorer…and your kids haven’t even watched anything today yet! 🤣🤣🤣

Over at Pygmy Nuthatch, I published an article about not allowing the daily grind of managing your cash flow encompass the entirety of your identity as an independent worker. Also: a new headshot for the site! Thanks to my wife Rosemary for the awesome portrait. 😃❤️

Wells Fargo Center in #portland — also known as the global headquarters of EvilCorporateOverlords, Inc.

And that’s the end of today’s installment of the Jared White Newsletter. See you next week!

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