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GitHub offices redesigned

Rapt Studio’s architects jettisoned the space’s man-cave décor and replaced it with an eclectic mix of modern furniture. In lieu of the trendy shipping-container cubicles that had been there since 2015, there are now cozy spaces designed like residential living rooms. They’ve also built a room for nursing mothers, a prayer room, and gender-inclusive bathrooms. In the library, there are even sculptures of female trailblazers in computing. While GitHub’s workforce is still predominantly male, the redesign reflects CEO and co-founder Chris Wanstrath’s ambition to foster a more inclusive workforce.

My god, the ergonomics of these newly designed spaces look absolutely terrible. We’ve known for decades now that having a small screen and keyboard on a table where you have to crane your neck down all the time (aka how most people use laptops in open offices and cafés) promotes a horrible posture and will cause major structural problems over time. Those weird bed/pod things litterly make my spine hurt just looking at them.

Where the hell can you just sit at a desk, look at a big screen directly in front of you (let’s say an nice Retina iMac), have a decent keyboard try at elbow level, and use a chair that allows for proper setup of lumbar support, arm rests, mesh back for muscle cooling, etc.? I would never work full-time in a place like this. Never.

Here’s a basic article on correct posture sitting at a computer workstation — this is not rocket science folks!

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