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Quiet By Design: Naomi Campbell Interviews Jony Ive

The difficult thing with being a designer is that it isn’t something you just do in the studio. If you walk around with your eyes open and truly see, and think about what you see, then you’re constantly wondering, “Why is that like this? Why could it not be like that?” Or, “That’s fantastic, that’s interesting.” I don’t know if “working” is the most accurate description, but the very way you engage in the world is atypical. That feels like designing.

I always appreciate hearing Jony Ive’s viewpoint when it comes to his craft and the “fragile” nature of ideas during the design process. It’s hard to remember now in the year 2018 that, a mere twenty years ago, the notion that computers could be both beautiful as well as functional was laughable. #Apple may have been the company that changed everything, and Steve Jobs may have been the captain of the ship, but that ship wouldn’t have even gotten out of the harbor without Ive’s keen design insights.

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