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Issue #17: 🎶 The Dream is Always the Same…

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Today's newsletter will be short, as I am neck-deep in trying to prepare for BridgetownConf 2022 (an online one-day conference for Ruby-based web developers). I've never put on a conference before, even if it's essentially just an extended Zoom meetup, so needless to say I'm a wee bit nervous about the whole thing and wondering if I can pull it off. Hopefully so, because my intention is to host an increasing number of online meetups in the future around various programming topics.

🎹🎛️ The main blogging endeavor I have going on right now is a rather fun little project I've wanted to kick off for quite some times. From now until the end of the year, every day I'm posting a mini-essay/review on a particular "Best Of" selection from my favorite electronic music group Tangerine Dream. Not everyone has heard of TD—or perhaps only remember them in passing from a time long ago (they've been around for 50+ years ‼️). But I can guarantee that if you are at all a fan of electronic music and synthesizers, your musical heroes no doubt are familiar with their work. I elaborate a little bit on my obsession for the band here in the first installment featuring Tangram. (And in case it's not obvious, all these posts are going up on the website for my musical alter-ego Yarred.)

📹 In other news, the second episode in my latest vlog series about visiting Seattle and the Puget Sound area is now available. I had a great time at the southside beach of Lake Sammamish as well as exploring the Kubota Japanese Garden—which astonishingly is free admission!

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