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Issue #14: 🎥 Vlogging Again! 🚈 And I've Moved! 🎙 An update after two months…

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Two months later, I'm back to writing a newsletter. Oops!

In case you forgot entirely who this Jared guy is, Hi! I live in Portland, Oregon. I'm a web developer by trade, and I like to think about and talk about content creation, ethics in technology, freelancing and soloprenurship, spirituality, and solo travel. My website is at jaredwhite.com.

So what happened? Well, I've recorded a new episode of my apparently resurrected podcast Fresh Fusion all about it. Without repeating beat by beat what's in the episode, let me just riff off the ending briefly.

I'm about to start vlogging again for Essential Life with Jared on YouTube, but it's worth discussing why I had stopped previously. Yes, in many respects I had stopped due to other time commitments and pressing matters, but that's not the whole reason.

Truth be told, I struggled a lot earlier this year with self-esteem issues, both emotionally and physically. In a way, I didn't want to be on camera because I didn't like how I looked on camera. I wasn't sure if I could feel comfortable with my in-person "vibe" so to speak. I guess you could call it an identity crisis.

A by-product of the divorce? Getting older? Gaining weight? A very damp and dismal spring in Portland this year, leading me to feel SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)? An increasing dissatisfaction concerning my living quarters (especially knowing I would need to move soon anyway)?

Likely all of the above combined together. 😭

But now that I've moved (still within Portland city center, BTW), it's sunny and warm (if not downright HOT!), and I'm able to be much more active outdoors, my outlook on life feels quite different. Now—rather than vlogging feeling like a burden, or embarassing in some way—I'm feeling like reaching for my camera is actually helping my mood and is something I can look forward to on a daily basis.

It'll likely be a week or two before the first episode of this new era comes out, as I'm trying to amass a backlog of footage before publishing anything. Yes, I'm doing things the right way this time. 😅

So until then…I hope you're doing well and staying cool in this very, very hot summer, and I look forward to revealing more about my life and my values on camera and beyond (podcasting, baby!) in the weeks ahead. I appreciate your being a part of Creator Class and sticking with me this far!


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