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Expressively publishing on the open web since 1996.
Entranced by Portland, Oregon since 2017.

Creator Class

The challenges and rewards of being an indie content creator building an audience one connection at a time.

#15: How to Change Up Your Workflow for Renewed Motivation

Discover ways to reduce the overwhelm, to streamline, to make content creation feel more like fun and less like work.

#14: 🎥 Vlogging Again! 🚈 And I've Moved! 🎙 An update after two months…

Whoa, what's this? Fresh Fusion is BACK?! Yup.

#13: Celebrating 10 Years of Blogging 🤯

For creative endeavors with the most "bang for your buck," writing can't be beat.

#12: Finding Your Place as an Indie Creator in 2022

I’m done putting serious effort into creating content for walled gardens. Everything I publish from here on out will start on my own properties and then get syndicated elsewhere.

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