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Jared White

Working in the Pearl District of #portland when it’s such gorgeous weather out feels like cheating. If there’s any legit use of the hashtag “blessed,” this is it!

Jared White

Over the weekend, I spent a glorious day in #portland shooting a mega ton of footage for the trailer to my revamped YouTube channel. Also got to put my new Canon EOS 77D through its paces. I’m wild with anticipation how the final edit’s going to turn out! 🙌‬

Jared White

We’re approaching the end of the main season for rose blossoms, so I was thrilled that the Rose Garden up in Washington Park in Portland, OR still has some exquisite roses blooming. Check it out if you’re in the area…one of my favorite spots in the city!
#portland #oregonexplored

Jared White

Been going through my photos at Cannon Beach this summer and picking out the cream of the crop. This is one of those places that gets hyped up as a big tourist destination, but it’s absolutely justified. One of the best oceanside experiences I’ve ever had my life. #oregonexplored

Jared White

On my recent podcast episode, I talked about the importance of TrueTone on the new MacBook Pros from #Apple, but it’s hard to convey in words just what a difference this makes. It’s also hard to capture the subtlety of TrueTone with a camera because of the white balance auto-adjustment that occurs. But I managed to get a couple of shots that really show in a side-by-side camparison just how much of a big deal this is. With TrueTone, the computer display looks like it belongs in the environment around it, because the screen picks up the white balance of the ambient lighting in the room. Without TrueTone, it just looks like any old computer monitor (often with a blue-ish cast).

Jared White

The other day, I pulled out my #Canon EOS-M mirrorless camera with a 50mm prime lens. I’d been feeling like I was lazy just relying on my iPhone all the time for photography (although it amazes me how good smartphone photograph is these days). Anyway, I had a lot of fun using a dedicated camera with a beefy lens once again, and this shot was just icing on the cake.

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