It’s a new year! Time to go out and conquer. Kill that fat. Terminate that debt. Quit that lousy job. Obliterate all obstacles holding you back.

And then that doesn’t happen.

And then we get depressed.

And then we get on with life.

And then the end of the year approaches once again, and we get depressed about all the stuff we didn’t do in the year.

And then we get some time off around the holidays, catch our breath, and guess what?

It’s a new year! Time to go out and conquer….

Maybe there’s a better way to do this thing.

What would you do if you found out that this new year is the last year you’ll spent on Planet Earth? Morbid thought, I know, but such questions are worth the asking because it helps bring clarity and focus and increased awareness of what matters.

I spent some time with my Bride over the weekend mapping out some key goals we want to aim for in the year ahead. We drew 12 boxes on a whiteboard, labeled them by month, and jotted down one to three items in each.

But that’s not the significant point. What’s more significant is what we didn’t put on the board.

I am growing more and more confortable saying NO! to things that come up in my life. These aren’t bad things, they’re good things. Good ideas. Good times. Good people. Maybe even good money.

But what I am beginning to realize is I don’t want to settle for good. I want to settle for great. Great ideas. Great times. Great people. Great money, if possible.

And that means I have ask myself constantly if what I’m doing is bringing great value. Value for others. Value for my family. Value for myself.

I don’t believe God placed me here in space and time just to slide through life and avoid scraping my elbows. I believe I’m here for a reason — a powerful, dangerous, influential reason.

Does that sound like hubris? Perhaps. But here’s something else I believe:

You’re here for a reason.

And you can choose to slide through life, or you can choose to live a life that’s powerful, dangerous, and influential. Say no to some of the good stuff, so you can say YES to some of the great stuff.

I hope you choose the latter.

Happy New Year! Bring it on!