At the beginning of this year, I published an article outlining my 3 Words for 2013. Now that’s we’re nearly half-way through March, I thought it’d be a good time to check in and see how I’m doing!

  • Value. I feel like this has been the strongest of the three words to date. In a number of cases – I kid you not – I’ve had people directly tell me I’m bringing value to their project, or cause, or whatever situation it is. If I ever heard people tell me that before 2013, it didn’t really register. But it’s almost spooky how many times I’ve heard other people use this word this year! I am excited that being mindful of how I want to offer value to others is already making an impact.
  • Amplification. I’m doing so-so on this one. I already knew this would be the most challenging of the three words, as it takes a long time to build an audience, and – crazy guy that I am – I’m trying to build more than one! But as long as I’m seeing incremental progress on this front and I’m employing a methodical approach to building up great (valuable!) content and relationships, I think I’ll be OK.
  • Creativity. This word has been a rollar-coaster! I’ve been up-and-down, up-and-down from moments of awesome, inspired creativity to chasms of palpable doldrums. I think some of that has been due to cash flow issues after the new year which always threatens to suck the life out of me. But things on that score are looking up, and I’m looking forward to a more evenly-distributed wave of creativity propelling me onward in the months ahead.

How about you? Do you have 3 Words for this year? (If not, read the article linked above right away!) If so, I’d love to hear how things are going for you!