If there’s anything us guys could say about what we think of Moms, it’d be this: you are the true superheroes.

You may not wear a cape and battle monstrous villans, but you fight off the monsters of poopy diapers and food-splattered bibs with all the might of a powerful radioactive mutant. Yet, somehow, you have been blessed with the patience of a saint. Long after I would have dissolved into a quivering, spluttering mess of a human being, you soldier on to provide comfort, nurture, and care to the next generation.

Jesus may be the Rock of Ages, but Moms are the rocks of our gilded cages. So on this day of the year when we take the time to celebrate the wonder of Momhood, remember this, dear Mothers:

  • You are appreciated!
  • You are admired!
  • You are amazing!
  • You are adored!
  • You are so special to all the rest of us. We may not always verbalize our appreciation, and perhaps sometimes you feel more like an old shoe—taken for granted—than the recipient of adoration; but on this day, accept our praise with a merry heart and a joyful smile.

We love you Moms!

Taking a moment to honor my mom, Deborah L. White (1951-2006). I wish you were here to join in on the festivities. I miss you. But I bet you’re the life of the party right now in Heaven…enjoy yourself. :)