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Published by my web software company Whitefusion, INTERSECT features articles about supporting the open web, security & privacy, UI/UX, and Ruby programming.

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Pygmy Nuthatch

A blog & resource site + YouTube vlog for independent workers. Here I teach people how to embrace the free agent lifestyle and flourish as creators.

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My alter ego as a producer of synthwave, chillout, and thematic electronica. Yarred combines cutting-edge DJ-style live groove production with classic keyboard playing on analog and digital synthesizers.

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The Jared White Show

Always in Haste, Never in a Hurry

A man of rituals (but not the kind that involve funny hats and long robes), Jared in this episode talks about identifying and honoring daily routines that make us happy, how to create digital experiences that are ethical and respect users, minimalism, freedom from slavery, and the opposite of that—aka Jeff Sessions' un-Christian separation of children from their familes. Just another day on The Jared White Show!

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Jared White

I’m afraid I’ve neglected posting much here in the past few days, but it was all for a good cause. After over a year of false starts and tinkering, I have finally launched a brand new website for my company Whitefusion. My “day job” is designing websites and building software for startups, non-profits, and forward-thinking organizations, and for quite a while I had been suffering from the “shoemaker’s children have no shoes” syndrome. Everyone else was getting shiny new work, and my own business was suffering. Well no longer! I’m extremely proud of how the site turned out, and I’m excited about what’s in store for this new chapter of Whitefusion. #website

Jared White

Today’s the day! #Apple is kicking off their world-wide developer conference (WWDC), and along with everyone else I’ll be watching the keynote and digging into all the latest goodies that will set the tone for the next 12 months of Apple’s technology vision and software strategy. I plan to record an episode of The Jared White Show tonight to cover these announcements and more, and it will drop either tonight or first thing Tuesday morning. Exciting! 😃🙌

Jared White

Random positive message of the day: you are the product of the 5^5 people surrounding you. So make sure you carefully choose 3,125 people you aspire to be like who want to be your closest friends. Their success becomes your success! #comedy

Jared White

I managed to take a selfie with the big portrait lens on the back of my iPhone 7 Plus, and I think it actually turned out pretty well. 🤓

Jared White

Moving twice in just a few years has given me a great deal of perspective on what kind of relationship I want to have with stuff. As Millburn & Nicodemus so rightly put it: “the true cost of a thing goes well beyond the price on the pricetag.” I applaud my wife for starting us on this journey towards getting rid of anything that doesn’t “spark joy” and add value to our lives—and the more we are intentional about keeping or buying only that which is truly essential, useful, and aesthetically pleasing, the more I feel an overwhelming sense of contented satisfaction. #minimalism

Jared White

Eating lunch at the new food court at Pioneer Place (downtown mall in #portland) and so far the ambient music playing has featured Invisible Touch by Genesis, Stepping Out by Joe Jackson, and Under African Skies by Paul Simon. Ah, the sounds of my childhood…

Jared White

Excellent news! The Jared White Show, a new weekly podcast I’ve had in the works, is officially launching next week! If all goes well, the first episode will be out Monday, May 21st. I have a second related announcement to make, but you’ll have to wait until the episode drops to find out all about it. 😎🎙

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