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Writer. Musician. Open Web Advocate. Programmer. Designer. Sci-Fi Nerd. Family Man.

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Pygmy Nuthatch

A blog & resource site + YouTube vlog for independent workers. Here I teach people how to embrace the free agent lifestyle and flourish as creators.

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Published by my web software company Whitefusion, INTERSECT features articles about supporting the open web, security & privacy, UI/UX, and Ruby programming.

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My alter ego as a producer of synthwave, chillout, and thematic electronica. Yarred combines cutting-edge DJ-style live groove production with classic keyboard playing on analog and digital synthesizers.

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PDX Free Agents

A Meetup group I host in the Portland, OR area. We talk about cash flow, staying motivated, finding good clients, time management, branding, creative flow, Deep Work, and how to make technology solve real problems for us.

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Jared White

Little kids playing outside be like:

“Oww, I hurt my back! I don’t want to play anymore!”

2 seconds later:

“OK, I’m going to go play now!” …runs off…

😂😂😂 #parenting

Jared White

I posted this photo on Reddit a couple of days ago, and shortly thereafter someone pointed out that it contained a hidden Peace symbol. Then another commentor noted that it was a left-wing Peace symbol at that. I love Reddit. 😂😂😂

Jared White

A lot of people are commenting on recent statements made by #Apple CEO Tim Cook about the future of its two major platforms. I’ll be honest with you—I don’t think Cook is saying anything here that we don’t already know. While it’s a popular point of speculation that somehow #iOS and #macOS are going to be “merged” and eventually we’ll all just be using a unified range of Apple computers/devices from phones to large desktops, the fact is that nothing Apple is currently doing that we can directly observe and report on is trending in that direction.

I do think that once #WWDC rolls around again this June, we’ll hear a lot about new tools and techniques that make it easier to develop cross-platform apps that run on both iOS and macOS without a lot of fuss. But that doesn’t mean the environments are merging. It just means the developer story is being simplified. And that excites me because if more iOS developers can easily port their most popular apps over to the Mac platform, that’s a big win for everybody.

Jared White

Well if I had to pick any day to be sick with a cold, today’s a pretty good choice…it’s by far the warmest and sunniest day we’ve had up here in ages! I guess springtime in Oregon takes a while to rev up. 😉🌞🌲🌿🌺

Jared White

I had the opportunity to take my family on a tour of the U.S.S. Portland, docked here in its namesake city for a formal commissioning. A fine #ship it is! We got to meet some of the crew and see quite a few areas in nearly all decks. Also enjoyed the lovely weather after nearly a week of rain! #portland

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