Hi, I’m Jared.

Some people know me as the “Ruby on Rails” guy. Other people know me for my writings on freelancing and technology. Still other people know me as a musician, or a vlogger, or just...Dad. (My kids are the best. Seriously.)

I’ve spent much of my life trying to curtail my many interests and passions in order to focus on one thing at a time. Boring! I've since come to embrace my inner geek and go wherever the winds of creativity take me. We truly do live in interesting times, and whether that’s a blessing or a curse is up to you.

Will you join me on this grand adventure?

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Jared White Writes

Writing & Publishing

I publish a "free agent" lifestyle blog called Pygmy Nuthatch, where I help independent workers find outrageous success! If you are in the world of content creation or freelancing, this is a blog you won't want to miss!

In addition, I’m the founder and editor-in-chief of Trellis Magazine. Currently on hiatus, it has featured in-depth reporting and introspective editorial pieces on current events from the perspective of Jesus-followers who have become fed up with divisive “culture wars” and rank politicalization of the Gospel. It’s never been more important to advocate for peace in a time when internet-fueled bitterness and rage have become the norm.

My past stint at blogging directly on JaredWhite.com is still available in the archives here for your reading pleasure.

Electronic Music

Ever since I first heard the otherworldy, alien sounds of 70s-era Tangerine Dream and the neo-classical sound paintings of Jean-Michel Jarre as a child, I've been hooked on synthesizers and electronic music.

My stage name is Yarred, and I specialize in producing synthwave, chillout, and progressive house.

What the heck is synthwave, you may ask? Well, imagine an 80’s synthpop or synth-laden soundtrack vibe, but polished up and stylized for fresh consumption in the 21st century. Yeah, I know—pretty awesome, right?

Design & Development

Now we get to the part that, ahem, actually generates revenue. A fella’s got to make a living, dontchaknow. Bills, bills! They never seem to leave us nor forsake us.

I’m deeply grateful that I make my living designing and developing websites and online software. I’ve been at this a long time—over 20 years to be exact. Can you believe it? The crazy thing is my professional career didn’t even exist 25 years ago. The World-Wide Web was first invented in 1990, and it took several years for the technology to find broad commercial reach.

I run my own web design/development firm, Whitefusion, and I’m considered a UI/UX and Ruby on Rails expert, which is not entirely deserved but wholly appreciated. I love helping clients achieve their communication goals all while building sustainable, compassionate businesses and organizations.

Let’s Get Together, Yeah Yeah Yeah

If you’re interested in any of these subjects and want to get in touch with me personally, please email me or follow me on Facebook or Twitter. I can’t guarantee an immediate response, but I try to provide meaningful replies whenever I hear from people. The internet is a wild west of amazing ingenuity and out-there ideas, and I always love to hear from someone about something new!