Jared White

Finding Jesus in the space between the notes

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Welcome to my online home. I am a writer(1), musician(2), church planter(3), designer/developer, startup founder(4), dad, husband, and a man who really doesn’t like applying labels to himself but does so anyway in order to meet people’s expectations.

I believe that great art, lasting influence, and positive change is always a result of telling a great story.

I live in beautiful Sonoma County, CA, north of San Francisco. I am blessed to journey through life together with My Bride, Rosemary, and my Baby Girl, Glorianna.

Good to meet you. Let’s walk a ways….

Music is the space between the notes.
Claude Debussy

1) Whitelight: Essays
2) Yarred - Light Ambient Music
3) LAUNCH Missional Network
4) Mariposta - Web Publishing Platform

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Whitelight: Essays

Essays on art, spirituality, and postmodern culture

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Yarred - Music

Light Ambient Music, Downtempo, & Chillout

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